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Jim Bianco



2016 is the year of Forniquette.

Forniquette: A 12-piece monster ensemble performing all original music composed, arranged and fronted by Jim Bianco. Imagine the James Bond theme song having sex with the Pink Panther theme song  in front of the Batman theme song at a whorehouse.

Forniquette will be in the studio recording a full length album early 2016 with plans for a summer release. Follow the process on Instagram Instagram

Forniquette is: Nick Mancini (Vibes) Phil Kronengold (Accordion) David Ralicke (Trombone) Alex Budman (Clarinet/Tenor) Elizabeth Lea (Trombone) Kenny Lyon (guitar) Adam Levy (guitar) Ethan Phillips (Bass) Jordan Katz (trumpet) Danny Levin (Trumpet) Jim Bianco (Vocals) David Moyer (Baritone Sax) Jason Pipkin (drums) Chris Lovejoy (Percussion)