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Jim Bianco



1) Your full name?

2) Nicknames?

3) Are you over the age of 10?

4) Over the age of 20?

5) Town and county and state/province and street and zip code where you live?

6) Your current occupation?

7) Are both your parents still alive?

8) Your parents’ full names:

9) Your parents’ occupation when you were born:

10) What was the name of the street you grew up on?

11)  Childhood hobbies?

12) Do you have any childhood memories from a vacation?

13) How about any childhood fascinations? (ie. Firetrucks, Outer space, Mary Lou Retton, etc…)

14) Any albums/music from your childhood that stuck with you?

15) What was the name of your elementary school, middle school and high school?

16) What was the name of your first boyfriend/girlfriend?

17) What was the color, year, make and model of you first car (if any)?

18) What is the color, year, make and model of current car?

19) What was your most memorable childhood pet?

20) What was its name and what kind of animal?

21) How did it die?

22) Do you currently have pets?

23) Current pet names? What kind of animal?

24) Who were your neighbors growing up?

25) Who are your current neighbors?

26) Any tattoos?

27) Where?

28) Of what?

29) When did you get them?

30) Why?

31) Piercings?

32) Scars?

33) Where on your body?

34) When did you get it?

35) How?

36) Five favorite songs?

37) Five favorite albums?

38) Five favorite movies?

39) Favorite book?

40) Favorite Actor/Actress?

41) Favorite Color?

42) Current Hobbies?

43) History of places that you lived and ages you were there
(i.e. Portland: 22-25, NYC 26-33, Charlotte, NC 33- 36)

44) Fears/phobias? (ie. Clowns, spiders, rollercoasters, etc…)

45) Favorite Flavor Ice Cream?

46) Drinker?

47) Favorite libation(s)?

48) Smoker?

49) Brand of cigarettes?

50) Partaker of the occasional doobie?

51) Have you ever stolen anything?

52) When?

53) Where?

54) Why?

55) Who was the first person you slept with?

56) Do you have any allergies of any kind?

57) Eye color?

58) Any sayings/quotes that were passed down from your parents? (for example, my father has always said ‘Any port in a foreign storm’, and for some reason it stuck with me.)

59) Any favorite quotes, in general?

60) Do you live in an apartment or a house?

61) When was your first kiss?

62) With who?

63) Do you remember if it was good or bad?

64) Do you have children?  (Boys? Girls? How many? )

65) What are their full names?

66) Currently Married, single, divorced or ‘in a relationship’?

67) Saddest event(s) in your life?

68) Happiest event(s) in your life?

69) What is your best summer memory?