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Jim Bianco




Bianco is a founding member of the Hotel Café scene, the venue in Los Angeles credited with the renaissance of the LA singer/songwriter movement in the early aughts. With Hotel Café as his jumping-off point, Bianco went on to tour the country and the world.

In 2013, Bianco's record COOKIE CUTTER was featured on NPR's "All Things Considered" with Audie Cornish. Cookie Cutter was comprised of 17 songs written for 17 specific people who filled out a questionnaire. On NPR's "ALL THINGS CONSIDERED", Jim performed a song for Audie based on the answers to her questionnaire. Here's a link to the interview . Stream "Cookie Cutter" on Spotify HERE.

In November of 2016, AMC chose Jim's song "EASY STREET" for an epic scene in season 7 of THE WALKING DEAD. This was a track Jim produced for a side project called "The Collapsable Hearts Club", with Petra Haden singing. The placement triggered an explosive reaction worldwide, trending on Twitter, garnering over twelve million Youtube hits, hitting #6 on ITUNES singles and reaching #1 on the Spotify Viral charts.

In July of 2018, during the height of Trump's child separation policy, the Portland branch of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) blasted EASY STREET for 20 hours at OccupyICE protestors (reenacting the scene from the Walking Dead). Bianco was forced to send a cease and desist to the Department of Homeland Security.

The entirety of this story was featured on NPR's "Snap Judgement" on August 9,  2019. CLICK HERE to listen.

Jim is currently producing writing and performing music in Los Angeles.