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Jim Bianco



Whether we like it or not, in many ways, human beings are exactly the same – for the most part we all have legs that walk us, fingers that point us, minds that torture us and hearts that, when operating correctly, lead us clumsily through our lives. But still, there is something distinct in all of us that perseveres. Something singular and unrepeatable. Our memories, for example. Or the choices we have made in our lives. Or the resulting consequences of those choices that we must live with.

For my new record, “Cookie Cutter”, I asked 17 different people the same 69 questions. From their answers I wrote the songs. At first, I sent out the questions with a hint of panic, concerned that I was setting myself up to write the same song, over and over again, 17 times, desperately grasping for a way to change a word here or there in an attempt to make them unique. Green eyes versus brown eyes, Toledo versus Cincinnati. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case.

The questions are documented on the insert of the record.
The answers are in the songs.
The people are somewhere in the world.